To make the gallery work 不同 英语 and 树叶不同 files are used

The HTML Structure of Gallery

<div id="pro_simple_gallery">			  		<div class="pro_gallery_bg">		<div class="pro_simple_gallery">			<ul class="pro_items">				<li>					<img src="YourImage.jpg"   />					<div class="pro_banner">pro_banner content</div>				</li>				...			</ul>		</div>	</div>	<div class="pro_pag">		<div class="pro_img-pags">			<ul>				<li><a href="#"><span><img src="YourThumbs.jpg"   /></span></a></li>				...			</ul>		</div>		<a href="#" class="pro_btn pro_prev pro_button3" data-type="prevPage"><span></span></a>		<a href="#" class="pro_btn pro_next pro_button4" data-type="nextPage"><span></span></a>	</div></div>

To add new images to the gallery you should have 2 images: 1 for the slider and 1 thumbnail. You need to add these images to different places. The images and thumbnails are connected by the order number. So the first thumbnail in the block 不同翻译 will display on click the first image in the list b站音画不同步.

Slider image should be added to the list 不同色鞋 using the code:

<li>	<img src="YourImage.jpg"   />	<div class="pro_banner"> banner content</div></li>

Thumbnail image should be added to the block <div class="pro_img-pags"> using the code:

<li><a href="#"><span><img src="YourThumbs.jpg"   /></span></a></li>

You'll get more info on working with Gallery in the template manual after purchase. Manual is located in the "documentation" folder of the template package.